Brows are everything at Crown and our microblading service is taking them to the next level. Below you’ll find more information on what microblading is, how much it costs, who it’s for and some common questions. As always, if you have additional questions you can book a free consultation using the button at the bottom of this page.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is microblading?

Eyebrow microblading is a service that utilizes a special handheld blade to apply strokes of pigment in order to draw a semi-permanent tattoo that gives the appearance of real brow hairs. The ink that is used is far less concentrated than that of a regular tattoo. The pigment is specifically formulated for the microblading process in order to accurately resemble a fine, natural brow hair.

Is microblading for me?

There are a lot of eyebrow products out there but those that choose microblading want fuller, natural-looking eyebrows but don't want to bother with filling them in every morning. If a brow pencil is part of your everyday routine, microblading may be the time saver you’re looking for. If you fall under one of the following categories, you do NOT qualify for a microblading service:

  1. Pregnant/Nursing

  2. Uncontrolled Diabetes

  3. Prone to keloid

  4. Pacemaker/Heart problems

  5. Uncontrolled blood pressure

  6. Rosacea

  7. Taken Accutane in the past year

  8. Cancer treatments within the last year

How long does microblading last?

Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo so it will definitely last longer than your eyebrow gel but not forever. Depending on your skin type, lifestyle, sun exposure and the products you use, microblading can last anywhere from a year to two years. Microblading inserts pigment into the top layer of the skin while some permanent makeup applications use a machine where the pigment can be applied deeper. The natural fading occurs in conjunction with natural skin cell turnover which some people prefer in the event they want to change up the look of their brows down the road.

Touch-ups are commonly needed about once a year, especially for those with oily skin, as the ink tends to fade and blur faster.  In the interim, color boosts can be done to refresh the color intensity of the brows.

Additional sessions may be required at an additional cost for best retention. Please be aware that consumption of caffeine, alcohol, ibuprofen, blood thinners of any kind, etc 72 hours prior to service can greatly affect the retention of pigment causing increased fade out. 

Can I bring a picture of what I want to the consultation?

Always. However, when consulting with the client on the eyebrow shape and tint that will be drawn on, it is our goal to create a true natural-looking brow. To achieve this, we use the following information:

  1. The direction of the natural brow hairs

  2. The client's face symmetry

  3. The client’s age

  4. The client’s skin tone and skin type

  5. The natural color of the brow hairs

How can I prepare for my appointment?

ABSOLUTELY NO blood thinning medication 72 hours prior to service. (ie; Ibuprofen, Aspirin, etc) No alcohol 24 hours prior to appointment. No caffeine or coffee 12 hours prior to appointment.

STOP the use of Retin-A for 2 weeks prior and after the service. 

No Botox or any form of chemical exfoliant service (facial) for at least 2 weeks prior to service.

Is microblading painful?

The short answer is “no” but some people are more sensitive than others. After evaluating your face shape and natural brow line, we move on to drawing the shape of your future brows. Mapping your brows can take a while so be patient. Once we’ve mapped, depending on the eyebrow area, a topical anesthetic is applied 20 minutes before the service starts to numb your brows. After the numbing has set in, we begin applying the pigment using the microblading pen. This stage can take as long as two hours. At the start, clients typically feel slight discomfort because the sensation is new, however after a few strokes, the discomfort becomes nominal. A second layer of lidocaine is applied at this point allowing the numbing to go a little deeper now that the skin has been opened. If you are in the middle of your menstrual cycle, more sensitivity is to be expected.

What happens after the microblading service?

Immediately following the service, an aftercare ointment is applied to help speed along the healing process. Upon leaving your appointment, your brows will be darker, sore and slightly swollen. A follow-up appointment will be scheduled for 8 weeks later. At this appointment, we are able to tweak the final result if needed.

Any tips for aftercare?

For the next week, longer for older skin, your brows will be in a healing phase. Because of the nature of the service, your body will try to reject the injected pigment. In doing so, you will notice little oozes of liquid in your brows. This is 100% natural.

  1. Taking a soft tissue, gently dab (do not wipe) your brows to remove this liquid, followed by a light wash using mild, fragrance-free soap. The area should be cleaned of the lymphatic liquid every hour or so. This should last for about 3 days following your service.

  2. We cannot stress the importance of keeping the area from drying out. Using our aftercare ointment will aid in deterring scabbing and itching. Always apply the ointment thinly using a clean, sterile q-tip.

  3. Avoid submerging your brows in water- showers, swimming, excess sweating, etc.

  4. Avoid prolonged sun exposure. Think about any upcoming plans you may have, such as a beach vacation and plan your service accordingly.

  5. Do not miss your touch-up appointment! As the initial strokes fade, it becomes harder to find them to reapply and adjust color.

So what does microblading cost at Crown Beauty Bar?

Microblading $400 

A form of semi-permanent tattooing that imitates hair to achieve a fuller, structured, or fluffy brow. Not recommended for oily skin types. 

8 week touchup - $100 

Microblading with Shading $500

A form of semi-permanent tattooing that imitates hair, with added shading to achieve a fuller brow with the slight appearance of makeup. Not recommended for oily skin types. 

8 week touchup - $100 

Powder Brow $400

A form of semi-permanent tattooing done by machine to shade the brow to imitate a similar look to brow powder. 

8 week touchup - $100 

Lash Enhancement $250

Machine tattooed eyeliner placed within the lash line to achieve fuller looking lashes. 

8 week touchup - $100

Lip Blushing $500

Enhances the natural shape of your lips, giving them that boost of vitality and color. The final result will resemble a very subtle, matte, natural-toned lipstick look.

8 week touchup - $100