Farm House Fresh is a Texas based skincare brand that is certified organic, or use up to 100% naturally derived ingredients, proudly grown on U.S. farms, including their own! 

Here at CrownBB, we believe skincare should be intentionally useful and practical, with the added bonus of visible results, purpose and meaning. Farm House Fresh is just that! Certified Organic products that produce visible results, proudly made in the USA. But get this: your purchases benefit Save Something Furry and other rescues, and FHF is a Certified Woman-Owned Business that holds two patents and dozens of trademarks. We’ve never found a line of products that not only delivered on what they promise but make an positive impact outside the marketplace.

Farm House Fresh pursues 3 passions:


Whether grown on their farm or other local U.S. farms, ingredients are harvested, washed, and extracted within hours to ensure vitamins are at their peak. And they ensure zero waste - feeding the chickens the pulpy leftover rinds!


Their Farm-to-Table Treatments are as delicious as they are authentically crafted with organic fruits, vegetables & herbs, and small batch liquors from across the U.S.


The FHF Ranch is also a sanctuary for animal rescues. Following their creed -- Life is Short. Save Something Furry.® -- they use your purchases to help care for forgotten, neglected, and abused farm animals at our FHF Ranch and Sanctuary. They also fund, transport and actively support other rescues.

FHF offers a multitude of products from facial masks to heel cream! Check out a few of our favorites:


Vitamin Berry Facial Tonic 

This rose-water tonic instantly provides a perfected complexion with a natural photo-filter effect that blues the look of pores every time you mist over or under your makeup.


Splendid Dirt

Oregon organic pumpkin purée and nutrient kids make pores appear smaller, while flushing skin with color and vibrancy.


Facial Buffing Masks

A pourable powder, when mixed with water that becomes a gentle exfoliator and/or mask. Try the Mango-Poppy Seed to refine, clear blemishes, and tighten skin.


Crow Catcher Eye Perfecting Serum

Female panelists used this product for 2 months and 91% of study participants reported disappearing crows, lines, and wrinkles. After 7 days 100% of them wanted to add it to their daily routine! 


Next time you’re at Crown, be sure to indulge your senses with the array of testers available and schedule your free Skin Care Consultation! We look forward to exploring FHF’s deliciously grown skin care with you.