2018, I Resolve to...

New Year’s Resolutions can seem daunting and leave many feeling like a failure before January is even over. We believe knowledge is power! If you understand the benefit and keep it simple, you will stick with it! Here are some simple resolutions and product suggestions to promote your inner health and beauty to stay on target. Shine from the inside out in 2018!

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Whether you're a diehard Davines product junkie or a new kid on the block, our Holiday gift sets are perfect for those looking for big savings on incredible hair products. 

Every year we look forward to the box design for these sets and this year did not disappoint! Encased in adorable rounds, every set is geared to a specific hair type. So which one is right for you, eh hm, we mean the person you're buying this gift set for? Below is a quick overview to help you find just the right set! Tap the title of this blog post to see this year's sets!

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A Cleanser For All Skin Types!

If you are like me, I used to think that a moisturizer was the most beneficial product for your skin health. After training with Comfort Zone however, I've learned that good skin starts with a good cleanser.  Let me explain: did you know that using the right cleanser enhances the skin’s natural protective barrier against environmental impurities? Yeah, you're skin has it's own weapon to protect itself but using a cleanser allows you to boost that protection. So it's time to rethink your routine and get serious about the first step in good skin care: cleansers. And Crown's new skin care line, Comfort Zone, has a cleanser for ALL skin types. Tap the blog title to take a look! 

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5 Reasons You Need a Facial!

Facials can seem like a luxury. A comfy bed, a relaxing massage, soft music playing. But did you know that while all that is a luxury, a facial is the best way to balance your skin's natural composition. A facial is more than just letting someone else clean your skin. In this post, we'll give you 5 short reasons your skin needs a proper facial cleansing.

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