Eyelashes In A Day

A lot of women are turning to eyelash extensions to not only enhance the lashes they have but save them some time and makeup when getting ready in the morning. Today we turn to adorable, crafty mommy blogger, Mary Larsen's experience with Novalash. Below is her review:

My eyelashes are stubby, stick straight out, and aren't really pretty. For fancy events, or if I'm going on television, I usually glue on a strip of fake lashes - which are perfectly curled, dark, and oh so feminine.

The problem is, now that I have a toddler running around my household, I don't have time to get ready in the morning, none the less carefully curl, mascara, and then glue fake lashes on with a steady hand. I'm too busy chasing around my cat (whom I'm convinced is a ninja escape artist) or making sure Itty Bitty doesn't go all Godzilla on all of our lamps.

But just because I'm a busy mom doesn't mean I shouldn't feel pretty, right?

So what are NovaLash Eyelash Extensions?
They are lash extensions that are worn daily - you don't have to take them off each night. Each synthetic lash is bonded onto a single natural lash. You don't have an awkward strip, and even close up - people wouldn't be able ot tell the difference. It honestly looks like your natural lash.

How Long Do NovaLashes Last?
When applied by a certified stylist, NovaLash extensions can be worn all year with minimal monthly maintenance - it's recommended that you visit your lash professional at least every four weeks. Think about it this way - your eye lashes naturally shed and fall off, and when they do, your NovaLashes fall off with them.

Are Lash Extensions Harmful?
This was super important for me to know. I had worn nail extensions for a year or so in my late twenties, and they actually did some pretty bad damage to my nails. I was worried that lash extensions might do the same. 

The technician (in addition to the research I did online) assured me that when applied properly, NovaLash extensions will not do any harm to my natural lashes. The reason is because of the application technique, when the techbonds the NovaLash to a single natural lash. 

Since I will not be removing the NovaLashes, and I will just allow them to fall off naturally with the lash that they  are bonded to, I will not be damaging my own lashes in the process.

Can I Wear Makeup?
From the pictures I saw online, it looked like I wouldn't ever have to worry about wearing mascara while my NovaLashes are on. I am allowed to wear all sorts of makeup, and Denise told me that I could wear water-soluble (not waterproof) mascara if I really wanted to, but it really wouldn't be needed.

Care For NovaLashes:
The tech also told me that I would need to keep my new lashes conditioned to help extend their life. There is special NovaLash conditioning/cleansing pads, or I could even use baby oil.  I she also recommended that I use a lash wand or comb to make sure the lashes were free of tangled.

To book your appointment with one of our eyelash techs, click here. To read more of Mary's blog, visit tallmomtinybaby.com.