Save your face and skip the waste.

Think about your nightly face wash routine. Most of us need something with a more cleansing power to get off the day's makeup. Typically the ingredients in most makeup remover wipes are stripping our skin of it's natural oils and depending on the wipe size, we may go through a few wipes before we feel like we have a blank canvas to start with in the morning.

Not only are we robbing our skin of it's natural balance, we are piling up a pretty decent stack of wipes. With April being "Sustainable Beaut Month", we want to introduce you to the Magic Mitt. Jane Iredale has come up with an incredible new makeup remover mitt that doesn't require soap or chemicals, only warm water!

Don't believe us? Just YouTube "magic mitt" and see the countless beauty bloggers praising this gentle but incredibly powerful little mitt. Save your face, skip the waste. Available in-store!