New Year, New (Dream) Hair

Get your dream hair in 2018.

By Kelly Stuckey, owner and stylist


At the beginning of every new year, we start seeing all the articles about the top trends. I always get a kick out of the conflicting articles… Harper’s Bazaar says one thing and Allure says another, all based on who is writing the article and what advertisers are funding it. Here’s my opinion: trends are fun, but completely subjective, inconsistent and not for everyone. Stick with what works for your lifestyle and best accentuates your features! Instead of telling you that you need “Nirvana Blonde” like Selena Gomez or “Curtain Bangs” like Jennifer Lopez, I want to tell you to embrace and accentuate who YOU ARE. Take inspiration from whatever moves you, then talk with your stylist realistically about your goals and how to achieve them.


Your dream hair will only come after a thorough conversation with your stylist on what you hope for, an analysis of where you currently are, and a gameplan of how to get there. Have realistic goals to work towards and make sure you and your stylist are on the same page. Find a stylist you can communicate with and build that relationship because the best hair comes in sessions. Chances are if it is a big change, you can plan on spending more money and time so be prepared and enjoy the different looks you have in the process! My best advice is to see the same stylist 2-3 times before making a decision on if they are the right fit for you, unless the service was just terrible and you see no hope of improvement.

Things to consider:

  1. Maintenance
  • How quickly will my new growth show?
  • How often am I willing to come in for touch-ups?
    • If you prefer salon visits to be spread out 3 months at a time, we recommend a color with a melted root or ombre.
    • More frequent salon visits mean you can take your highlights up to the root without looking unnatural before the next appointment.
    • Longer haircuts can go longer in between salon visits, but shorter looks need more upkeep and shaping.
  • How will I commit to at-home care to preserve my look?
    • Paying top dollar for professional hair services and using drugstore hair care is similar to buying a beautiful silk blouse and home laundering it.
    • Your color will fade. Prevent the fade by using sulphate free products, washing your hair in cooler water, and shampoo less often.
    • Revive your color in between salon visits with a color-support conditioner like Evo Fabuloso Pro or Davines Alchemic.
Davines Product Shot.JPG

      2.  Your Natural Undertones

  • In natural light, hold out your arm. If the veins on the inside of your elbow look green, you have warm undertones, and blue veins mean cooler undertones.

    • Warm Undertones Characteristics:

      • Eyes: Brown, amber, hazel or yellow-green.

      • Hair: Strawberry blonde, red, brown, or black with gold, red, orange, or yellow undertones.

      • Cool hair colors will be harder to achieve.

    • Cool Undertones Characteristics
      • Eyes: Blue, gray, or blue-green.

      • Hair: Blonde, brown, or black hair with blue, silver, violet and ash undertones.

      • Cool hair colors will be easier to achieve and maintain. Warmer colors will most-likely wash you out.


WARM: Golden Color by Katie Thomas ^


COOL: Cool Beige Blonde by Katie Thomas ^

       3. It Might Not Happen in 1 Salon Visit

  • How far away is this look from my current color?
  • What is my previous hair history?
    • If you have ever used box-color (No shaming, I promise. We’ve all been there), you can get unexpected results. The color molecule is not as advanced as professional color and can react differently than expected.
  • There is always the option to plan ahead. Schedule a complimentary 30 minute consultation with your stylist so they can give you an estimate of time and cost and plan accordingly to schedule out a day with you.

       4.  Tips for the Best Service

  • Communicate. Tell them things you’ve liked and disliked in the past. Don’t be afraid to share, but please be kind!  We want to hit a homerun for you!
  • How much time do you have to spend in the salon?  It’s always smart to discuss time with your stylist so you know how much time to plan for. We want to respect your time too!
  • Bring a photo of yourself at a time when you LOVED your hair. That is always a great thing to show a stylist.
  • If you have a photo of a celebrity, hold your thumb over their face and imagine your face in it.
  • Are you on the go, pony-tail gal or spend time styling daily?
    • Often clients are drawn to a style in the photo, and associate it with the haircut. Ask yourself if you will style your hair like the photo?
    • Want to learn how to style your hair?  Schedule a Hair Instruction Appointment. This is a full hour dedicated to teaching you how to do everything from blow-dry to curl to braid!
  • Be on time. The stylists want to do their best work and need every minute of the bookable timeframe to do so!
  • Call within 24 hours to cancel. Stylists’ income solely relies on appointments and they want an opportunity to fill that spot if you can’t make it. We totally understand things come up though!

At Crown, we truly strive to make every client feel as beautiful on the inside as they look outside. We want to help you achieve your goals, accentuate what makes you unique, and make sure it fits your lifestyle. We do believe in the brands we carry and know we have a solution for any hair or scalp issue or dream you have!