Goodbye Dry! Hello Spring!

It was a dry, cold winter here in Arkansas and we have seen our clients feeling the aftermath of dry scalp, hair, and skin! Get back in balance just in time for spring. Here are some tips and recommendations!

By Kelly Stuckey, owner and stylist

By Kelly Stuckey, owner and stylist

For Your Hair

  • Stop washing your hair in hot water!  Extra heat will only dry it out farther and is actually damaging, especially for highlighted hair. That doesn’t mean you have to dial the temp back the entire time, but at least when you rinse your hair!

  • Dry scalp or dandruff?  These 2 ailments are often confused and self diagnosed incorrectly.

  1. Dry scalp is due to loss of moisture from the skin and can be caused by cold weather, product buildup, and even diet (example: caffeine). Signs and symptoms are itching and small white flakes that come off easily.  Our NaturalTech line has the Nourishing Royal Jelly scalp treatment made just to relieve dry itchy scalp. Aren’t local? Visit the Davines website salon locator to find a salon near you.
  2. Dandruff is not caused by dryness, but rather an overgrowth of a harmless yeast due to too much oil (sebum) so it is very important to know which one you have so you can treat properly.  Dandruff flakes are larger, greasy and yellowish white in color, and harder to come off the scalp. You will experience itching and usually have scalp odor. The Davines NaturalTech Purifying Shampoo and Gel will get your dandruff under control and scalp feeling clean and healthy again.



  • Dry hair needs extra moisture with some deep conditioning treatments. It’s always worth it to invest in a deep conditioner for your hair type to have on hand and use once every week or 2.

  • Brush your hair… sounds simple, right? Many people do not brush their hair properly and only focus on the ends! Be sure your bristles really brush along your scalp and down through your ends. This will stimulate your scalp and bring down any oils you naturally produce to moisturize your hair. Investing in a quality hair boar bristle hair brush and hair oil like Davines Oi is another way to ensure scalp and hair health.

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  • Come see one of our stylists to help set you up with the right treatment and home plan to have your hair and scalp healthy for the season ahead!

Hannah Simpson, Senior Esthetician

Hannah Simpson, Senior Esthetician

For Your Skin

  • Get rid of flaky, dry skin by exfoliating two to three times a week. After the stress of winter, our skin needs a pick me up and a light exfoliant is all you need to buff out unwanted cell buildup to leave glowing skin. If your skin is sensitive to physical exfoliants, try a gentle enzymatic exfoliant like Comfort Zone Essential Peeling or use cleansers rich in fruit antioxidants.

  • Heavy creams are used during the winter to shield the skin from environmental factors. As humidity and heat increase, you should opt for a lighter weight moisturizer that can provide more water than oil. Adding a spritz of toner after cleansing is also key in hydrating the skin for a healthy result.

  • Spring brings allergies, and allergies bring breakouts! Combat breakouts with a double cleanse. Wipes are an easy go to, but they actually can do more harm than good! Try the Jane Iredale Magic Mitt. All you have to do is add warm water to the mitt, and wipe away all of your makeup with ease. After, double cleanse your skin with a foaming gel cleanser to make sure all of your makeup has been removed.

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  • We swapped out our heavy cream moisturizers, now we need to swap out our heavy foundations! Choose a lighter weight foundation that contains SPF. Jane Iredale offers multiple coverage options that all contain a great amount of sun protection. UV rays thicken our skin, which cause MORE breakouts, so it’s time to protect your skin! The best part about Jane foundations are they do not harbor bacteria so you can save those winter colors for next season.

  • Feed your skin. Our skin is the largest organ and receives nutrients last, which means we should be mindful of what we eat and drink. Drinking half our weight in water is ideal for optimal skin health. Salmon is rich in a fatty acid called eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), a type of omega-3 that naturally helps block the release of UV-induced enzymes that diminish collagen, causing lines and sagging skin. Salmon contains omega-3s that regulate oil production in the skin and boost hydration, which helps keep your complexion dewy and acne-free. Supplements are also a great way to directly feed your skin and Jane Iredale has formulated some of the best options for all skin types!

  • Now is the time to book your custom facial with your favorite esthetician. A professional can evaluate your skin, and can help set your skin up for success this spring!
Every facial at Crown begins with the Comfort Zone Tranquility Ritual to encourage relaxation. 

Every facial at Crown begins with the Comfort Zone Tranquility Ritual to encourage relaxation.