5 Reasons You Need a Facial!

post written by Hannah Simpson, Crown Beauty Bar Esthetician and Lash Tech.

post written by Hannah Simpson, Crown Beauty Bar Esthetician and Lash Tech.

Facials can seem like a luxury. A comfy bed, a relaxing massage, soft music playing. But did you know that while all that is a luxury, a facial is the best way to balance your skin's natural composition. A facial is more than just letting someone else clean your skin. In this post, we'll give you 5 short reasons your skin needs a proper facial cleansing.

1. Cleaning is one thing but are you DEEP cleaning?

Seasonal maintenance is necessary to keep your skin balanced. The cold of winter and lack of humidity has it's effect on your skin's moisture and the sun's summer rays can damage your skin and have your skin generating TOO much oil. If you experience problems, monthly and/or bi-monthly treatments may be what you need to aid your body's largest organ in maintaining it's proper balance. A facial can clear out blocked pores by utilizing steam and effective product suited to your specific skin type. In other words, it does more than the "one-size-fits-all" cleanser you're buying at the grocery store.

2. Stop the pop!

We know, we know. It's irresistible but popping zits can lead to discoloration, tissue damage and even scarring. Hannah and Mady, both licensed estheticians at Crown Beauty Bar, have tools specifically designed for extracting surface level blemishes. Let us know you'd like an extraction done and we'll add an extra 10 minutes to your service.

Mady Casteel, Crown Beauty Bar esthetician and brow artist

Mady Casteel, Crown Beauty Bar esthetician and brow artist

3. It's not possible to do it all by yourself.

An esthetician knows every possible method for achieving the healthy face you've always wanted. Hannah and Mady will custom formulate a facial treatment to your skin's specific needs. Acne? Let's do high frequency treatments. Stressed out? We can give you the ultimate face, decollete, hand and arm massage. Pesky peach fuzz? Time for an epidermal leveling!

4. Maybe a break is what you need?

Having a professional pamper you in a setting away from the stress of the world is what your skin is actually needing. At Crown Beauty Bar, we set the scene with a paraffin hand treatment, aromatherapy, dim lights, a comfy bed, massage, soft music and an incredible product line. You come in and let us treat you to an interruption-free experience. When it's over, you just walk away and we'll do all the cleanup.

5. Prevention is the key to incredible skin.

No one thinks it'll happen to them. But over time, bad decisions, environmental factors and neglect will lead to bad skin. It's inevitable. Your esthetician can set you up on a routine that can not only protect, but reverse some of the adverse affects daily life can bring. Every skin type is different and it's constantly evolving as we age. Find an esthetician that you connect with and begin a routine that puts you on the path to beautiful skin.

Whether it's Crown Beauty Bar or somewhere else, we cannot stress the importance of staying ahead of bad skin and bad skin habits. Find trained professionals like Hannah and Mady and come see how rewarding a facial service can be.