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Answers to the Facial Questions You're Afraid to Ask

The ultimate facial experience is filled with smells, sounds, products, dim lighting, and massage techniques to ensure optimal relaxation. What happens when we can’t shut out our thoughts, when we need to speak up but don’t want to stop the service? You’re not alone, it even happens to us! Here are a few thoughts we’ve all had, and some advice on how to approach the situation. Tap the title of this post to read more!

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5 Reasons You Need a Facial!

Facials can seem like a luxury. A comfy bed, a relaxing massage, soft music playing. But did you know that while all that is a luxury, a facial is the best way to balance your skin's natural composition. A facial is more than just letting someone else clean your skin. In this post, we'll give you 5 short reasons your skin needs a proper facial cleansing.

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Katherine Heigl's Beating the Signs of Aging

Katherine Heigl is more than an actress + producer — she’s also a mother to two adorable girls, wife to singer Josh Kelley, a huge animal lover and, perhaps most surprisingly, lives on a mountain in Utah. Needless to say, the woman is busy and constantly on the go, which is something we all can relate to. Katherine runs out the door looking fabulous on the daily partly because she has her 10-minute morning routine down to a science. She gave us details on which products she starts her day with, and we bet you’ll adopt part of her program after reading this.

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