10 Makeup Tips You Must Know!

  1. Use Waterproof Mascara Responsibly.
    We love matte lipsticks because of the long wear, but it can leave our lips feeling dehydrated and cracked. The same can be said about waterproof mascara! Improper wear and removal can cause our lashes to break, and even fall out. To protect your lashes, always remove waterproof mascara before bed with an oil to easily break down the product without the need to rub intensely. 

  2. Know your tone.
    Makeup will always break down into color categories; warm, cool, or neutral. This is important when matching a proper foundation and concealer to ensure an even skin tone! An easy way to find your tone is to check your veins. If they appear purple or blue, you have a cool tone. If they appear green, you have a yellow tone. If you struggle to figure it out, you’re more likely neutral. 

  3. Lighting is everything!
    Never apply your makeup in a badly lit room, you will end up applying too much makeup and appear caked. Natural light is always the best option but if you don’t have enough windows, look for LED bulbs with a 3000k color temperature. 

  4. Tight-lining is a must.

    If you wear eyeliner, make sure to apply IN the lash line AND underneath the lash line. This will give the appearance of a fuller lash line and polished look. To apply, lift the center of the lid with one finger, look down, and coat the underneath of the top lash line. I recommend a gel, or waterproof liner for this look. Check out Kelly’s 7 Minute Makeup Tutorial for an even quicker method.

  5. Subtle Blush Effect.

    For a natural looking blushed cheek, apply your blush before your foundation. It will gently peak through leaving a beautiful, natural glow. This works best with sheer to medium coverage foundations. 

  6. Peach fuzz problems.

    We all have vellus hair on our face, aka peach fuzz. To avoid bringing attention to the hair, always apply your products in a downward motion to keep them from standing up. If your fuzz is out of control, book an epidermal leveling facial to temporarily remove the hair, and dead skin cells. Your skin will thank you! 

  7. DIY BB Cream.

    Mix your favorite foundation with a little moisturizer and sunscreen to create a BB cream that leaves your skin looking natural, protected, and healthy! Start with a small amount and build until you find the perfect mixture. 

  8. You don’t need a million brushes.

    But you do need a few that can be multi-purpose. A dense foundation brush, a fluffy powder brush, a blending eye shadow brush, and an angled liner brush are everyday staples. 

    Foundation Brush: Foundation, Concealer, Blush, Powder, Contour, Bronzer

    Blending Brush: Eye Primer, Eye Shadow, Concealer, Setting Powder for smaller areas, Highlighter

    Fluffy Powder Brush: Setting Powder for full face, Pressed and Loose Powder, Bronzer, Sheer Coverage Foundation, Highlighter 

    Angled Liner Brush: Eye Liner, Eye Shadow, Brow Gel/Powder, Highlight smaller areas. 

  9. Curl those lashes!

    You can have the longest lashes, but if they are strait, no one will notice. Before applying your mascara, use your hair dryer to blast some hot air on your lash curler for no more than a few seconds. Check the temperature, then pump twice at the base, middle, and end of your lashes for a curl that will last all day. A longer lasting option is a Lash Lift, similar to a perm for your hair, this service will leave your lashes curlier for up to 8 weeks. 

  10. Proceed with caution.

    It’s hard not to get caught up in the YouTube and IG world of makeup. Educating yourself is important, just remember when you’re watching that application is always based on skin type and face shape. What an influencer chooses to use, may not be what’s best for you! When shopping, bring a list of what you’re looking for so the professionals can recommend similar products for your skin.

Sometimes you just need your own personal professional to help. At Crown, we have two options for you to choose from. Have your own makeup you love? Tools you want to love but don’t quite know how to use? Our Bring Your Bag service allows you to spend an hour with one of our artists going through what you do and don’t need, selecting what’s right for you. We’ll show you how to use what you have and you’ll leave more confident in what you already own.

In addition, we also have Makeup Instruction services that offer you a one-on-one scheduled hour to learn about how Jane Iredale makeup and brushes work together to provide the best dermatology recommended makeup on the market! Get color matched, learn techniques and get some tips along the way.

Makeup should be fun and it should be a daily routine you look forward to! We’re here to shed some light on everything makeup!

Kelly shows you how she applies a full face of makeup in just 7 minutes!