Answers to the Facial Questions You're Afraid to Ask

The ultimate facial experience is filled with smells, sounds, products, dim lighting, and massage techniques to ensure optimal relaxation. What happens when we can’t shut out our thoughts, when we need to speak up but don’t want to stop the service? You’re not alone, it even happens to us! Here are a few thoughts we’ve all had, and some advice on how to approach the situation.

“I need to use the bathroom, but don’t want to interrupt.”

We want you to enjoy your service and want you to be able to relax. Always let us know if you need a bathroom break, so you can return and finish your facial comfortably.

“Did I just fall asleep?”

This happens to almost everyone! Dozing off during your facial is the ultimate compliment! We want to make sure you are completely relaxed during this process.

“Am I supposed to talk? I want to know what products she is using, but I also want to relax.”

Upon arriving, you will fill out a facial form that will assist us in choosing the proper products for your skin type. Before beginning the service we will ask a few questions, and a brief explanation of products will be discussed. Following your facial, we will discuss products, and recommendations that best suit your needs.

“Can she tell I’m terrible at sticking with a skin care routine?”

Not necessarily, but please realize that we want what’s best for you and your skin! Being open and honest about your routine will help us in guiding you toward a beneficial direction. These are some questions we would typically ask:

How much time are you willing to give to a skin care routine?

Are you more likely to reach for a wipe than a cleanser?

What products are you currently using?

Would you say you are dry, oily, or combination? 

Would you say you have sensitive skin?

“This product is itching/burning/uncomfortable but maybe it is normal....”

If you are feeling any discomfort please let us know! If a product has any tingle sensation, or is a peel of some sort, we will give you a heads up. Everyone’s skin is different, and will react in a million different ways, we want to make sure you are protected and at ease. 

“I am feeling a little claustrophobic in this bed, deep breaths deep breaths....”

Our beds are set up to be a warm, luxurious, and cozy. Sometimes the bedding can feel heavy, and the warmth can be overwhelming. If this is the case with you, we would gladly reduce the temperature, and remove some layers so you can fully relax.

“I hope she does something about these blackheads, I’m so embarrassed.”

Don’t be, we feel your pain! If you want us to extract, let us know! There are products that are meant to soften buildup, along with steam, for easier removal without damaging the skin.

“I wonder how often I need to get a facial.”

This will depend on your skin type, and what our end goal is. If you have no issues, and you are just doing seasonal maintenance, 4-6 times a year would suffice. These sessions would be to make sure you are still using the proper products, and to remove any cell buildup to prepare for the upcoming season.

If you are trying to reverse damage, or trying to treat an issue such as acne, rosacea, eczema, etc. we will set up a realistic service plan to receive optimal results.

We suggest that you set an intention for your facial time. Think about what you need from this service. Do you need education on products? Are you here to relax? Whatever your need, we are happy to help. Tell us your intention, so we can work together! Once we have that figured out, please relax and enjoy your facial.

Here are a few ways to relax the mind and body:

-Place one hand on your heart, and the other on your stomach. Take deep breaths, in for 4 seconds, and out for 4 seconds, reminding yourself that this is a time to rest, and de-stress. 

-Flex your entire body starting at your toes, moving upwards. Flex, and relax, then move to the next muscle. Take your time, and imagine your body relaxing after each flex. Once you have completed, your body will feel lighter, and at ease.

-Do a quick meditation. Take a couple of minutes to tell yourself you deserve this, because you do!